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Enhance Your Multimedia Experience with an HDMI Splitter: Share and Multiply Your Display Connections
One to Many
Easy to Setup
HDMI Version
EDID support
 HDMI Splitter will let you connect a single HDMI input to sixteen HDMI outputs simultaneously.
Hunter HDMI Splitter : Common Uses

Home Theater Systems

Hunter HDMI splitter is an essential tool for optimizing your home theater experience when you have multiple HDMI devices such as a Blu-ray player, gaming console, or streaming device. By utilizing an HDMI splitter, you can effortlessly connect all these devices to a single HDMI port on your TV or receiver. This not only eliminates the hassle of constantly swapping cables but also grants you the ability to switch between different devices seamlessly at your convenience.

Video Walls

Hunter HDMI splitters play a crucial role in creating impressive video walls, which involve arranging multiple displays together to form a unified and expansive visual experience. In such setups, each display within the video wall necessitates a dedicated video signal. Here, the HDMI splitter serves as a valuable tool by enabling the distribution of content from a single source across all the displays seamlessly. By utilizing an HDMI splitter, you can ensure that the captivating visuals and multimedia content intended for the video wall are effortlessly replicated across every screens.

Gaming and eSports

Gaming enthusiasts and eSports aficionados widely embrace HDMI splitters for their ability to enhance the streaming experience by facilitating the broadcasting of gameplay to multiple monitors or capture devices. With the aid of an HDMI splitter, gamers can effortlessly transmit the video signal to both their gaming monitor for real-time gameplay and a capture card or streaming device for recording or live streaming purposes. The advantage lies in the streamlined setup, as the HDMI splitter eliminates the requirement for additional cables or connections.

Multi-room setups

When you want to replicate the same content across multiple screens in different rooms, HDMI splitters prove to be immensely valuable. By connecting an HDMI splitter to a source device, you can efficiently distribute the signal to numerous TVs or displays situated in separate rooms. This allows for a synchronized viewing experience where everyone can simultaneously enjoy the same content without any discrepancies. With the assistance of an HDMI splitter, you can effortlessly extend your entertainment or presentation setup to multiple locations.

Hunter HDMI Splitter Ultra HD 4k2K@30hz resolution
One to Many
Hunter HDMI Splitter can split one to many devices.
HDMI Version
Hunter HDMI Splitter Support 1.4 Version
Hunter HDMI Splitter
Hunter HDMI Splitter
Features of Hunter HDMI Splitter


Hunter HDMI Splitter's impressive 18Gbps bandwidth guarantees the seamless and reliable transmission of high-quality video and audio signals. It ensures that your multimedia content flows smoothly, without any disruptions or degradation in quality. the HDMI splitter provides a steadfast connection that preserves the integrity of your audiovisual experience. Its robust bandwidth capability empowers you to enjoy every frame and every note with the clarity and fidelity they deserve.

Ultra HD 4K2K@30hz Resolution

Hunter HDMI splitter truly shines when it comes to high-resolution content, effortlessly delivering a seamless Ultra HD 4k2K@30hz resolution. The result is a visual experience that astounds with its impeccable clarity, vividness, and intricate detail. Whether you're watching movies, playing games, or enjoying other media, the HDMI splitter ensures every frame is presented with stunning crispness and a level of detail that leaves a lasting impression.

3D Video Format

Hunter Hunter HDMI splitter unlocks a world of immersive and lifelike viewing experiences. It allows you to delve into captivating visuals that extend beyond the screen, immersing you in a three-dimensional realm of entertainment. Whether you're enjoying 3D movies, gaming adventures, or virtual reality content, the HDMI splitter ensures that each frame comes alive with depth and realism, elevating your viewing pleasure to new heights.     

EDID support
Hunter HDMI Splitter allows the device to automatically detect the best video resolution and audio format for each connected display.
CEC and ARC support
CEC enables centralized control of multiple HDMI devices using a single remote, simplifying operation by consolidating control into one.
Easy to Setup
Setting up HDMI splitters is a breeze, with a straightforward and hassle-free installation process.
Benefits of Using Hunter HDMI Splitter
Enhanced Display Flexibility
HDMI Splitter offers flexibility by connecting multiple displays or devices to a single HDMI source. It is ideal for commercial settings like conference rooms, retail spaces, or digital signage, enabling simultaneous display of content across multiple screens.
High-Quality Audio Output
In addition to video, the splitter supports various audio formats, including DTS-HD, Dolby-TrueHD, DTS, Dolby-AC3, and DSD. This allows for high-quality audio output, providing an immersive and engaging audiovisual experience.
3D Content Support

The splitter is compatible with 3D video formats, allowing you to enjoy immersive 3D content on compatible displays and source devices. This makes it suitable for home theaters or entertainment setups where 3D capabilities are desired.
Efficient Signal Distribution
With the ability to split a single HDMI signal into 16 outputs, this splitter allows you to connect multiple displays or devices to a single video source, making it an efficient solution for distributing HDMI signals in commercial or residential settings.
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Low Resistance
Hunter Speaker cable has a low resistance of 0.01Ω per meter, ensuring minimal signal loss and maximum power transfer.
Hunter Speaker Cable is marked for easy identification of polarity, making the installation easier by identifying and connecting the positive and negative.
Polarity Marking
The polarity of the  Hunter Speaker cable is marked for easy and accurate installation, ensuring the correct connection between the speaker and the audio equipment.
Oxygen Free Copper Range
Hunter OFC speaker cables have Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) which is high-purity copper that has been processed to reduce the presence of oxygen and other impurities.
Benefits of Using Hunter Speaker Cables
Signal Transmission
Hunter Speaker cables facilitate the transfer of audio signals from the amplifier to the speakers with minimal loss or distortion. Good-quality cables ensure that the full range of frequencies and details in the music or audio content is accurately reproduced.
Enhanced Sound Quality
High-quality speaker cables can contribute to improved sound quality by reducing signal degradation. They can minimize interference and noise, resulting in cleaner and more faithful reproduction of the audio signal.
Reduced Interference
Our Hunter Speaker cables are well-designed cables incorporate with shielding and insulation to minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).
Enhanced Dynamics
Hunter speaker cables with sufficient gauge and proper construction can support high current flow, enabling the speakers to handle dynamic musical passages more effectively.

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