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Get the clearest and most reliable audio transmission  with Hunter microphone cables.

Low Resistance
2 Wire Conductor
Get Ultimate Perfect Sound With Hunter Microphone Cable
Hunter Microphone Cable : Common Uses


Hunter Microphone cables play a vital role in facilitating clear and reliable audio communication. Hunter Microphone cables are essential for connecting microphones to mixing consoles or audio interfaces, ensuring that performers, speakers, and presenters can be heard by the audience without any loss or interference. Hunter microphone cables enable the transmission of the performers' voices or musical instruments to the sound system, allowing for amplification and distribution throughout the venue. With their durable construction and shielding properties.

Broadcasting and Podcasting

Hunter microphone cables are integral components used in radio and television studios, podcasting setups, and other broadcast environments. Hunter cables serve the purpose of connecting microphones to broadcasting equipment, ensuring clear and accurate audio's capturing the voice of a radio host, the dialogue of a television anchor, or the conversation in a podcast, microphone cables play a crucial role in transmitting the audio signals from the microphones to the recording or broadcasting equipment.

Meeting Rooms

Hunter Microphone cables serve a crucial purpose in meeting rooms by enabling clear and effective communication among participants. Hunter cables are instrumental in connecting microphones to audio systems or conferencing equipment, ensuring that voices are captured and transmitted with accuracy and clarity. microphone cables provide flexibility and reach, enabling presenters or speakers to move freely around the meeting room while maintaining a consistent audio connection. 

Training rooms

Hunter microphone cables play a vital role in facilitating effective communication and knowledge sharing. Hunter cables are essential for connecting microphones to audio systems, amplifiers, or recording devices, ensuring that trainers and presenters can convey their messages clearly to trainees. By utilizing microphone cables, trainers can amplify their voices, making it easier for participants to hear and understand the information being presented. The cables also enable seamless integration with audiovisual equipment, such as projectors or video conferencing systems.

2 Wire Conductor
Hunter Microphone cable is designed with 2 conductor wire to provide high-quality sound transmission with minimal interference.
Hunter microphone cable is designed with copper to provide reliable and high-quality audio transmission.
Low Resistance
Hunter microphone cables have low resistance due to high-quality copper conductors.
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Features of Hunter Microphone Cable
Core Configuration
Hunter microphone cable features a 16-strand core composed of 0.01mm diameter wires. This configuration enhances the cable's flexibility while ensuring reliable and consistent signal transfer.
Copper Construction
Hunter Microphone cable is made of copper, which is known for its excellent conductivity properties. Copper conductors help maintain signal integrity and minimize signal loss during transmission.
High-Quality Sound Transmission
Hunter Microphone cable is designed to deliver clear and accurate audio signals from the microphone to the connected audio equipment.
Hunter Microphone cable designed with a 75-strand shield comprising 0.01mm diameter wires, the cable offers effective shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).
Hunter microphone cable features a shielding consisting of 75 strands of wires, to minimize interference and ensure clear and high-quality audio transmission.
PVC Insulation
Hunter microphone cable's PVC insulation serves to safeguard and preserve the wire's integrity, guaranteeing high-quality audio transmission.
High Conductivty
Hunter Microphone cable is designed with copper to get High Conductivity and Performance.
Benefits of Using Hunter Microphone Cable
Low Noise and Interference
Hunter Microphone cables feature shielding, typically in the form of braided or spiral-wrapped conductive material, which helps reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).
Reliable Connection
Hunter Microphone cables provide a secure and reliable connection between microphones and audio devices. This reliability minimizes the chances of audio dropouts or interruptions during performances or recording sessions.
Hunter Microphone cables are designed to be flexible and easy to maneuver. They can be routed around equipment, instruments, or other obstacles without causing strain or damage to the cable.
Signal Integrity
Hunter Microphone cables are designed to preserve the integrity of the audio signal. They minimize signal loss and maintain the fidelity of the original sound captured by the microphone, ensuring accurate and true-to-source audio reproduction.
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