Hunter Multi Viewer HDMI
Enhance Your Viewing Experience with Hunter HDMI Multi Viewers

Hunter Multi-Viewer HDMI is a versatile device that enables seamless connectivity of multiple HDMI sources to one display.

Many to One 
Remote Control
Hunter Multi-Viewer HDMI: Effortless Connectivity, Seamless Switching, and Custom Display Layouts
Hunter Multi Viewer HDMI : Common Uses

Home Theater

Hunter Multi-Viewer HDMI Switch offers the convenience of connecting multiple entertainment devices like gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, media streaming devices, and set-top boxes to a single display or projector. With its multi-viewer screen segmentation feature, users can easily create custom layouts, allowing them to view different content simultaneously on the same screen. This enhances the home theater experience, providing seamless access to various entertainment sources without the hassle of constantly swapping cables or inputs.

Conference Room

Hunter Multi-Viewer HDMI Switch serves as a vital tool for connecting diverse presentation devices, including laptops, document cameras, and video conferencing systems. Its seamless switching capability allows for smooth transitions between different sources, facilitating efficient and dynamic presentations and meetings. This setup ensures that presenters can effortlessly switch between various content sources, enhancing collaboration and engagement during conferences and discussions. With the HDMI Multi-Viewer in place, conference rooms become well-equipped to handle a wide range of multimedia devices, streamlining the overall presentation experience and promoting effective communication among participants.

Gaming Setups

Hunter Multi-Viewer HDMI switch becomes a valuable asset, empowering gamers to connect multiple gaming consoles, PCs, or other gaming devices to a single gaming monitor. With the multi-viewer feature, gamers gain the ability to monitor live streams without the need for constant switching between different devices. This setup enhances gaming immersion and convenience, as players can keep an eye on real-time updates or communicate with their audience without interrupting their gameplay. The HDMI Multi-Viewer optimizes the gaming experience, providing seamless connectivity and enabling gamers to create personalized layouts that cater to their specific preferences and needs.

Security Monitoring

Hunter Multi-Viewer HDMI switch plays a crucial role by facilitating the display of feeds from multiple CCTV cameras on a single monitor. This functionality allows for a comprehensive and real-time view of the monitored area, enabling security personnel to efficiently monitor and respond to potential incidents. By connecting multiple cameras to the switch, users can create a custom layout that showcases all camera feeds simultaneously, improving situational awareness and reducing the need for monitoring multiple displays. The HDMI switch's seamless switching ensures smooth transitions between camera feeds, providing uninterrupted surveillance coverage.

Many to One
Hunter Multi viewer can connect multiple HDMI sources to one display.
Hunter Multi-Viewer HDMI supports 4K & 1080p resolutions, providing high-quality visuals for diverse applications.
Remote Control
Hunter Multi-Viewer features a user-friendly IR remote for easy control and operation
Hunter Multi viewer HDMI
Features of Hunter Multi Viewers HDMI 
Seamless Switching
Hunter Multi Viewer HDMI switch enables seamless switching between different HDMI sources during presentations, meetings, or gaming sessions, ensuring smooth transitions without interruptions or glitches.
Enhanced Collaboration
conference rooms, the switch facilitates efficient presentations and meetings by enabling seamless transitions between different presentation devices.
Custom Layouts
With the multi-viewer screen segmentation feature, users can create custom layouts and view multiple sources simultaneously on the same screen.
Control Options
The device can be operated through IR remote control or panel button control, providing easy and convenient control over the switch's functions.
Hunter Multi-Viewer designed with HDMI ports for versatile connectivity and efficient management of multiple sources.
Audio switching
Audio switching feature enables effortless switching between diverse audio sources for added convenience.
 Audio Support
Hunter Multi-Viewer supports PCM2.0 audio output, ensuring high-quality sound for an immersive experience.
Benefits of Using Hunter Multi Viewer HDMI 
Multiple Source Connectivity
Hunter Multi Viewer HDMI switch allows users to connect and manage multiple HDMI sources, such as gaming consoles, laptops, media players, cameras, and more, to a single display or projector.
Efficient Connectivity
Hunter Multi Viewer HDMI switch allows users to connect multiple HDMI devices to a single display or projector, streamlining the setup and eliminating the need for constant cable switching.
Improved Collaboration
In conference rooms and meeting spaces, the switch enables efficient presentations and meetings by allowing seamless switching between various presentation devices like laptops and document cameras. 
High-Quality Resolution Support
Hunter Multi Viewer HDMI switch supports high-quality resolutions, such as 1080p at 60Hz or 4K at 30Hz, ensuring users can enjoy crisp and clear visuals.
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