Hunter Projector Lift
Hunter Projector Lift for Seamless Elevation and Convenience

Hunter Projector Lift offers advanced lifting capabilities, ensuring effortless and precise positioning of projectors for enhanced presentations in various settings.

Easy to Install
Remote control
Hunter Projector Lift for Optimal Elevation and Performance
Hunter Projector Lift : Common Uses

Home Theater

Hunter Projector lift is suitable for home theatres, allowing homeowners to conceal projectors when not in use and deploy them when needed for an immersive viewing experience.the lift smoothly raises the projector to the desired height, ensuring optimal positioning for a captivating and immersive visual feast. This seamless integration enhances the overall home theatre experience, allowing users to enjoy high-quality projection without compromising on the room's interior design and ambiance.


Hunter Projector Lift proves to be an ideal solution, specifically designed for large spaces where projectors require elevation to achieve optimal projection angles for clear and unobstructed viewing. This advanced lifting system ensures seamless and precise positioning of projectors, allowing audiences to experience immersive presentations, impactful visuals, and engaging content. By effortlessly raising the projectors to the desired height, the lift enhances the overall viewing experience, making it easier for everyone in the audience to have a clear line of sight and enjoy a superior visual presentation during conferences, seminars, lectures, and various events.

Classrooms and Educational Institutions

Hunter Projector Lift proves to be a valuable tool, providing an ideal solution for teachers and educators to elevate projectors to the right height for effective visual aids during lectures and presentations. By effortlessly raising the projectors, the lift ensures that students can have clear and unobstructed views of the content being projected, enhancing their learning experience and engagement. Teachers can easily adjust the projector's positioning to optimize visibility, making it easier for students in the back rows to follow the lesson materials without strain.

Meeting Rooms

Hunter Projector Lift becomes a valuable asset, offering a practical solution to elevate projectors during presentations. With its advanced lifting capabilities, the lift ensures that the projected content is visible to all meeting participants, regardless of their seating positions. By effortlessly raising the projector to the desired height, the lift helps eliminate obstructions and ensures a clear and unobstructed view of the presentation materials, enhancing the overall effectiveness of meetings and presentations. This seamless integration of the Hunter Projector Lift in meeting rooms facilitates professional and engaging presentations, enabling presenters to deliver impactful visual content and key messages with confidence.

Hunter Projector Lift is built with durability in mind, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance.
Remote control
Hunter Projector Lift comes with a remote control for convenient operation and flexibility.
Easy to Install
Hunter Projector Lift is Designed for easy installation, simplifying setup and enhancing usability.
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Features of Hunter Projector Lift
Silent Heavy-Duty Motor
Hunter Projector lift features a silent and robust motor for smooth and quiet operation during projector adjustments.
Ideal for Large Spaces
Hunter Projector Lift running distance of 2000 MM, this scissor-type lift is perfect for large spaces like auditoriums and conference halls.
Optional Dual Remote
Optional dual remote for Hunter Projector Lift allows simultaneous control of multiple lifts for added convenience and efficiency.
Efficient and Reliable
Hunter Projector Lift Powered by a 15W motor, the lift offers both efficiency and reliability in performance.
Benefits of Using Hunter Projector Lift
Versatile Platform Dimension
The platform dimension of 500x500mm provides ample space for diverse projector sizes, offering compatibility with various projection equipment.
Compact and Easy Installation
The compact dimensions of 350x370x200mm make installation effortless, enabling swift integration into various settings.
Sturdy Load Capacity
Hunter Projector lift can support a maximum load of 15Kgs, accommodating a wide range of projector models and ensuring stability during operation.
Effortless Elevation
The advanced lifting design allows easy elevation of projectors to the desired height, ensuring optimal projection angles in auditoriums and conference halls for clear and unobstructed viewing.
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