Splitters with Range Extenders-HDMI
Enhancing HDMI Signal Distribution: The Power of Splitters with Range Extenders
Maximize your HDMI signal reach and connect multiple displays with Splitters and Range Extenders for enhanced content distribution
Transmission distance
IR Control
Audio Support
 Unleashing the Full Potential of HDMI with Splitters and Range Extender
 Hunter Splitters with Range Extenders-HDMI : Common Uses

Home Theater Systems

Hunter HDMI splitters with range extenders play a crucial role in delivering an immersive audio and visual experience. With these devices, you can connect a single video source, such as a Blu-ray player or gaming console, and distribute the high-definition signals to multiple displays throughout your entertainment area.the splitter with range extenders ensures that everyone enjoys the same content simultaneously. This setup allows you to create a captivating viewing experience for movie nights, gaming sessions, or sport events.

Educational Institutions

Hunter HDMI splitters with range extenders serve as valuable tools to enhance teaching and learning experiences. These devices enable educators to connect their laptops, tablets, or multimedia devices to a central system and distribute the content simultaneously to multiple displays in classrooms, lecture halls, or training facilities. By doing so, teachers can engage students by showcasing presentations, videos, or interactive learning materials on larger screens, ensuring that everyone in the room has a clear view of the content.

Control Room

Hunter HDMI splitters with range extenders are essential components for efficient monitoring and decision-making. These devices facilitate the simultaneous display of multiple video sources, such as surveillance camera feeds, computer screens, or data visualization tools, on a bank of monitors or video walls. By using HDMI splitters with range extenders, control room operators can easily distribute and extend high-definition video signals to multiple displays, allowing for comprehensive monitoring of critical operations and systems.

Gaming and entertainment centers

HDMI splitters with range extenders are indispensable tools that enhance the overall gaming and immersive experience. These devices enable the connection of gaming consoles, media players, or PCs to distribute high-definition audio and video signals to multiple displays or projectors throughout the venue. By using HDMI splitters with range extenders, gaming and entertainment centers can create a dynamic and engaging environment where players can enjoy multiplayer gaming sessions on large screens or compete in esports tournaments.

HDMI Splitter Range Extenders Supports Full HD resolution up to 1080P and 4k@60Hz
Audio Support
Audio Supports LPCM 7.1CH, Dolby True HD, and DTS-HD Master Audio.
IR Control
Remote control operation is possible with HDMI splitter range extenders.
Hunter Splitters with Range Extenders-HDMI
Features of Hunter  Splitters with Range Extenders-HDMI
High-Definition Support
Hunter HDMI splitters with range extenders are designed to support high-definition resolutions, including Full HD (1080p) and  Ultra HD (4K).
Cascading Support
Hunter HDMI splitters with range extenders offer cascading capabilities, allowing you to connect multiple splitters in a series to expand the number of displays.
EDID Management
Hunter splitters with range extenders feature EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) management, which ensures compatibility between the source device and the connected display
Audio Support
Hunter devices typically support various audio formats, including standard stereo, Dolby Digital, DTS, and more. They ensure that the audio is accurately transmitted along with the video signals.
Transmission distance
HDMI Splitter Range Extender can Transmit up to 50m
Cat 5e/6
HDMI Splitter Range Extender supports extended transmission distance up to 50 meters over a single Cat 5e/6 cable.
USB 2.0
Splitter Range Extender USB 2.0 connectivity up to 100 meters over a single Cat6e cable
Benefits of Using Hunter Splitters with Range Extenders-HDMI
Flexibility in Display Placement
With range extenders, HDMI splitters allow you to extend HDMI signals over long distances using cables, such as Cat5e/6/7 or fiber optic cables. This flexibility in signal transmission enables you to position displays or projectors in various locations without limitations imposed by cable length.
Expanded  Display Capability
HDMI splitters with range extenders allow you to connect a single video source to multiple displays or projectors simultaneously. This expands your display capability, making it possible to showcase content across multiple screens, enhancing visibility and engagement for a larger audience.
Compatibility and Content Protection
HDMI splitters with range extenders are designed to support HDCP compliance, ensuring compatibility with copyrighted content from Blu-ray players, streaming devices, or other protected sources. This enables the secure transmission of high-quality content while maintaining content protection standards.
Enhanced Collaboration and Engagement
In educational or corporate environments, these devices promote collaboration and engagement by enabling content distribution to multiple displays. Teachers can deliver lessons to all students simultaneously, and presenters can share information with a larger audience, fostering interaction and participation.
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