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Hunter 4K HDMI extender 100M over cat6 with audio and HDMI loop out-9176

Model Number: 9176-HUC-100M-4KHDMIAu Hunter 4K HDMI extender 100M

HSN: 85437099       
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 9176-HUC-100M-4KHDMIAu by Hunter is a versatile 4K HDMI extender over Cat6, supporting 3D video, with audio, HDMI loop-out, and IR signal extension. Compact and weighing 410 gms, it enhances AV setups.

MRP: INR 34,560

1 Year Warranty



9176-HUC-100M-4KHDMIAu is a Hunter 4K HDMI extender that can transmit HDMI signals up to 100 meters over a Cat6 cable. It features a built-in HDMI loop-out function, allowing you to connect a local display for monitoring purposes. The extender also supports 3D video format and provides 3.5mm left and right audio output for high-quality sound. Additionally, it extends the IR signal/control, allowing you to control your source device remotely. The compact size of the extender, with dimensions of 81x87.5x23.5 (mm), makes it easy to install and use. The weight of the device is 410 grams.


  • 4K HDMI extender with a transmission range of up to 100 meters over a Cat6 cable
  • HDMI loop-out function on the transmitter for local display
  • Supports 3D video format and 1080p@60Hz resolution
  • Left and right audio output with 3.5mm audio interface
  • IR signal/control extension allows remote control of the source device from the receiver end
  • Compact design with dimensions of 81x87.5x23.5mm and weight of 410gms.

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Does this extender support 4K resolution?

Yes, the 9176-HUC-100M-4KHDMIAu model is designed to support 4K resolution, delivering high-definition video quality.

What is the significance of "HDMI loop out" in this extender?

The HDMI loop-out function allows you to connect an additional HDMI display near the transmitter unit, creating a local monitor output in addition to the remote receiver. This can be beneficial for real-time monitoring or presentations.

What audio features does this extender offer?

The extender supports 3.5mm left and right audio output, ensuring that audio signals are transmitted alongside the video. This can be useful for setups requiring both video and audio extension.

Can I use this extender for both residential and commercial applications?

Yes, the 9176-HUC-100M-4KHDMIAu model is versatile and can be used in both residential and commercial setups, making it suitable for home entertainment systems, conference rooms, and other professional AV installations.

Does the extender support 3D video formats?

Yes, the Hunter 4K HDMI extender is capable of transmitting 3D video formats, enhancing your viewing experience for 3D content.

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