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Hunter HDMI Extender 50m with IR POC Loopout-9043

Model Number: 9043 - Hunter HTE-50ERH

HSN: 85437099        EAN: 0769807178182
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Hunter HTE-50ERH HDMI Extender transmits 1080p video & IR signals up to 50m over Cat5e/6 cable. Features loop-out, power over cable, compact aluminum design, EDID copy, and local display support.


9043 Hunter HTE-50ERH HDMI Extender is an excellent solution for extending HDMI signals over a long distance of up to 50m using a single Cat5e/6 cable. The extender is housed in durable aluminum housing, making it compact, lightweight, and easy to install. With HDMI loop-out functionality, the extender can provide local display options, and it also can copy EDID from either the receiver display or the loop-out display.

The HTE-50ERH extender utilizes power over cable (POC) technology, which eliminates the need for an additional power supply at the receiver end. It can transmit HDMI audio/video signals with a resolution of up to 1080p over a single Cat5e/6 cable, ensuring high-quality video and audio playback. Additionally, the extender can transmit IR signals to control the source device from the receiver end.



  • Aluminum housing for durability and protection
  • Small size and lightweight for easy installation and portability
  • HDMI Loop out for local display without the need for additional splitters or switches
  • Copy EDID from the receiver display or loop out the display for optimal compatibility and performance
  • Power over cable (POC) for convenient and simplified power supply
  • Supports 1080p resolution up to 50m over a single Cat5e or Cat6 cable for high-quality video and audio transmission
  • Transmits HDMI Audio/Video and IR signal over a single Cat5e/6 cable for seamless control and operation.

Product Specification

  • Specification
  • Distance
  • Resolution Support
  • Input Ports
  • Output Port
  • Box Length
    9 cm
  • Box Width
    18.8 cm
  • Box Height
    5.2 cm
  • Gross Weight
    277 grams


Does the extender support audio transmission?

Yes, the Hunter HTE-50ERH extender supports the transmission of HDMI audio signals along with video, providing a complete audiovisual experience.

Can I use the IR function to control my source device remotely?

Yes, the extender supports IR signal transmission. You can use the included IR transmitter to control your source device remotely, enhancing convenience in various scenarios.

How is the extender powered?

The Hunter HTE-50ERH extender supports Power Over Cable (POC). This means that power is transmitted over the same Cat5e/6 cable used for the HDMI and IR signals, eliminating the need for a separate power source for the receiver unit.

What types of devices are compatible with the Hunter HTE-50ERH HDMI Extender?

The Hunter HTE-50ERH extender is compatible with a wide range of HDMI source devices, such as computers, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, and more. It's also compatible with HDMI display devices, including monitors, projectors, and TVs.

Is the HTE-50ERH suitable for professional or commercial use?

HTE-50ERH extender, with its aluminum housing, compact size, and support for 1080p resolution up to 50 meters, is suitable for various applications, including residential setups, small business environments, educational facilities, and more.

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