200 M
Extender Over
TX-RX ports

Hunter HTE-200ER HDMI Extender 200 mtr extender over Cat6-9255

Model Number: 9255- Hunter HTE-200ER

HSN: 85437099       
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Hunter HTE-200ER HDMI Extender extends HDMI signals up to 200 meters over Cat6 cables, supporting 1080P@60hz resolution, 12-bit color, one-to-many connections on an IP network, and IR re-transmitting.

MRP: INR 50,000

1 Year Warranty



Hunter HTE-200ER HDMI Extender is a high-quality solution for extending HDMI signals over long distances up to 200 meters using Cat6 cables. With support for 1080P@60hz resolution, it ensures a crisp and smooth video experience. The extender is capable of transmitting 12-bit color depth, delivering vibrant and accurate colors. One of its notable features is its ability to support one-to-many connections over an IP network, allowing multiple receivers to receive the HDMI signal simultaneously. Additionally, the extender supports IR re-transmitting, enabling users to control the video source from a remote location. The set consists of a transmitter (TX) and a receiver (RX), which work together to provide seamless and reliable HDMI extension.



  1. Long-distance Extension: The extender extends HDMI signals up to 200 meters using Cat6 cables. This enables you to transmit high-quality audio and video signals over considerable distances.

  2. High Resolution: It supports 1080P@60hz resolution, ensuring a sharp and clear video output. This makes it suitable for various applications, including home theaters, conference rooms, and digital signage setups.

  3. Enhanced Color Depth: The extender supports 12-bit color depth, enabling it to deliver vibrant colors with smooth gradations. This ensures a more immersive and lifelike visual experience.

  4. One-to-Many Capability: With its support for one-to-many connections on an IP network, the extender allows you to distribute the HDMI signal to multiple receivers simultaneously. This is particularly useful for scenarios where you need to display content on various screens or monitors.

  5. IR Re-transmitting: The extender is equipped with IR re-transmitting functionality, which means you can control the video source device remotely from the receiver location. This enables convenient and seamless control over your media devices.

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What video resolution does the HTE-200ER support?

The HTE-200ER supports video resolutions up to 1080P at 60Hz, providing clear and high-quality visuals.

Does the HTE-200ER support one-to-many connections on an IP network?

Yes, the HTE-200ER supports one-to-many connections over an IP network, which means you can use a single transmitter (TX) to broadcast HDMI signals to multiple receivers (RX) on the same network.

Can I use the HTE-200ER for commercial applications, such as digital signage or conference rooms?

Yes, the HTE-200ER is suitable for both residential and commercial applications, making it a versatile choice for scenarios such as digital signage, conference rooms, home theaters, and more.

How does the IR re-transmitting feature work?

The IR re-transmitting feature allows you to control the source device remotely, even if it's located near the receiver (RX) unit. The extender kit includes an IR transmitter and receiver that pass the IR signals between the transmitter and receiver, ensuring that you can control the source device as if it were directly connected to your remote location.

What does "12bit/color" mean in the specifications?

12bit/color" refers to the color depth supported by the HDMI extender. It means that the extender can transmit color information with a precision of 12 bits per channel, allowing for richer and more accurate color representation.

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